Mail Time

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but our mailbox is a hot mess.
Mailbox2Ok, it’s actually a really nice mailbox, a heavy metal one, large enough to hold small packages without screaming “giant mailbox”. And I’m sure at some point it was really gorgeous, but now it’s covered in mildew which blends in with the hunter green color it is painted, but probably grosses our mailman out. Also the metal numbers were falling off and sad and I couldn’t find replacement numbers for them anywhere that matched.

One day we’d like to upgrade to a brick surround mailbox (we’re one of the only ones on our street that doesn’t have a brick one), but the one we have is perfectly fine for now, at least with a little sprucing up. So I attacked it with some black spray paint. 🙂 Our front door and shutters are black, so the green mailbox always kind of bothered me. The project was simple enough, Joey took apart the pieces that he could for me, like the little red flag and the pull on the front, which I spray painted seperately before reattaching to the finished box. But I spray painted the rest just in place, it was easier than trying to take it out and reinstall it.

Red Flag

Red Flag

I started by cleaning the box with just some regular old Lysol wipes…and then once it was dry sprayed a coat of Rustoleum primer. An hour later I was able to spray with a semi-gloss coat of black paint. It instantly improved our look. 🙂
Mailbox after1

The project was really easy and straightforward…but I have a couple of tips if you try this at home:
Tip #1 use your phone camera instead of your fancy camera when taking blog shots for this one…otherwise your neighbors may judge you for taking photos of your ugly mailbox. This may or may not of happened to me…but now our neighbor Bob across the street thinks I’m a crazy person.

Tip #2 Keep your spray paints seperated…I was doing another side project at the same time, and managed to place the bottle of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray next to the Black spray bottle, and definitely sprayed a coat of ORB on our mailbox as a second coat. Sigh…the really sad part is, I didn’t even notice until I was halfway through the second coat…lol.

Tip #3 If it’s overcast outside…don’t attempt this project. About 5 minutes after I sprayed the mailbox with ORB, it started to rain. At that point I went inside and told Joey we might be getting the brick mailbox sooner than we planned…haha. Luckily it was just a light rain and didn’t seem to affect the finish. Later I just went out and dried it and applied a 3rd coat, this time in black. 🙂

I’m very pleased with the outcome. Joey’s a little upset with my paint choices…he never noticed there was a fleur-de-lis on the front until I painted it, and now he’s devastated that our mailbox not only has the Saints symbol, but it’s also black and gold. Which is apparently unacceptable in our Buccaneer household. Although I can safely say there will never be a pirate flag on our mailbox, we’re not that big of fans. 🙂Mailbox after2_edited-1

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