In other news…

Not too much has been going on at the Meyer Manor lately. Work, work, and more work really. But we did bite the bullet and buy a new couch!!!! What??? I know, we’re crazy, we have two crazy destructive dogs that are the very reason why we had to replace our old couch, and then we went out and bought a new one?? Couch that is, not dog, we’re not THAT crazy!! haha.

Here’s an example about why we needed a new couch…
Lady in couch

You see where Lady’s foot kind of disappears there in the pic? That’s because her foot is INSIDE of our couch. Legitimately inside. She ripped the seam out of the middle of the entire cushion, and likes to hide things in there…like bones and other fun stuff. Also, on a regular basis there was white tufts of fluff from the couch, tumbling across our wood floors with the rest of the dog hair tumbleweeds. It was getting real bad. You may also notice the duct tape on the far right side corner of the loveseat…sigh. We are officially rednecks.

Fun story about that loveseat…it was the first piece of furniture we bought as a couple. Joey had bought a couch cheap from an old roomate, we both really liked the look of it, it wasn’t real leather, but it looked nice and was comfy. I really wanted to find a love seat or chairs or something to match it. The roomate told us he had bought the couch originally from Big Lots, to which we were like “Big Lots sells furniture???” YES, my friends, Big Lots does sell furniture. Cheap furniture and it’s pretty well made too, or at least as well made as anything else you can buy lately, Ashley and Signature brands. Well, as fate would have it, our Big Lots had 1 loveseat left, and it was on clearance because it was being discontinued. We celebrated our good fortune, and then when they brought it to us from the storage room Joey had the good sense to unwrap it and check it all out. Thank goodness he did, because it had a giant rip in the fabric across the back. It looked like someone had taken a box cutter to it. Womp Womp. I almost cried.

Instead, I called every Big Lots within 100 or so miles. Marianna had one and would hold it for 1 hour. So I threw Joey in the car (begrudgenly I might add. I think it may have been the first time I had ever made him drop everything and drive an hour plus for a deal…but it wasn’t and most certainly wouldn’t be the last). The one there was in perfect condition and it fit perfectly in our townhouse (and future house). It was my second favorite thing we bought in Marianna. Second? You ask… The first is this guy:
Bowtie🙂 I never get tired of looking at baby pictures of Chief. I wish we had known Lady as a baby.

Anywho… After having the couch 8 + years (not including the time that it was owned by other college age dudes previously), and the love seat for at least 4, it was time to retire the set. Especially since they had endured hopefully the worst of the puppy years of our dogs (I say this while knocking on a lot of wood!!)

We had actually planned to buy another one from Big Lots, we had one picked out and everything…but it wasn’t in stock and we didn’t want to order it sight unseen…So when our friends Julia and Matt told us that they had bought a new one at Turner’s Budget Furniture here in Tally, well we told ourselves it couldn’t hurt to check it out…we don’t have to buy right now…haha. Famous last words.

We fell in love with this one:
Couch in StoreBut then we decided to get a little crazy and order it in fabric instead of leather. They had this material as an option that was fabric, but it kind of looked and felt like leather in texture. It appeared to have good wipe-ability which is important with our dirty beasts. It’s hard to describe, you really have to feel it to understand. But they told us it would breathe better than the faux leather does (which was Joey’s biggest complaint) and with the easy clean, AND the extra stain guard treatment and insurance, we said let’s do it!! So we did, we ordered it and we waited anxiously for 8 weeks for it to be delivered.

Finally it came, and it’s pretty great!

COuch 1It’s definitely comfy, and seems to be holding up pretty well to the dogs. It is a LOT bigger though, and taller than our previous couches so it took me a little while to decide if I liked it or not. Visually it still overwhelms me a little with it’s height and size, but it’s growing on my by the day.

Couch 2 Especially when it holds up to our everyday life so well. It’s already endured multiple wine spills, and a dog war or two, and it hasn’t stained or had any weird booze smells, and best of all, no tooth marks from the big golden baby. Hooray!! For these reasons alone, I kind of want to hug it and high five ourselves everyday for choosing this fabric.

Joey says it’s working better for his back, and the dogs definitely approve. It’s perfect for them to lay back and watch their Dog TV stories.
Dogs on couch

Although Lady says it needs more pillows…
Demon dogAnd while it didn’t arrive quite the way I had envisioned it would in my head, I’m pretty happy with the durability and the purchase as a whole. We feel like we’ve officially arrived as grownups, and it’s nice to not have to strategically place pillows and blankets over holes, rips, and duct tape when company comes. lol. It’s the little things in life right?

Chief and JuliaEven though we increased our seating potential by another extra seat, Chief still feels that it’s important to sit on the laps of our guests to ensure no one gets TOO comfortable, except him of course. Thanks for being a good sport Aunt Julia! 🙂

All in all, we are all pretty pleased, and we’re seeing the house come together a little more every month!! 🙂

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