Moving Meyers

We’ve slowly but surely begun to move into the new house. We opted to use a box rental company instead of using cardboard. The company is called Bungo Box, and I completely recommend it! They rent two different sizes of boxes which hold a myriad of items, and they’re plastic which means they’re re-useable (so good for the environment) and it means they’re sturdy so they don’t collapse on you. They also stack perfectly since they’re all the same size, and they come with little dolly wheels so you can stack a bunch, and roll them away.
But the best part about the Bungo Boxes for me, was that they rent by the week, which means that I had a week to pack and unpack. It was a little unfortunate that we only had a week to pack, but having to be unpacked was worth it’s weight in gold, cause I’m the kind of person that would let things sit in cardboard boxes for years without unpacking.

Our amazing friends were generous enough to help us pack, move and even unload many of the boxes!

Joey’s brother Jason, and his friend Rob came up the following weekend after our move to help us with some odds and ends at the new house and helped us finish getting everything out of our previous house so that we could get it on the rental market. They are the very best for coming up here for such a boring weekend where I acted like a crazy loon. Hopefully they had a decent time at least. 🙂

We’re basically moved in now…and room by room we’re trying to finish putting things together and getting organized. One day maybe I’ll do a post with it all decorated room by room, but for now our dining room and craft room is being over taken by wedding stuff and other crap we don’t know what to do with. Maybe one day soon…

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