A sister for Chief

We had been talking a lot lately about getting another dog. Joey always had multiple dogs growing up, and he insists that two dogs are easier than one. I knew in my heart that Chief needed a companion, but was extremely nervous to take the plunge. We couldn’t handle another puppy, and it’s hard to know how to predict whether an older dog will fit in with all the different personalities in the house. From day one, our trainor advised us to wait to get another dog until Chief is older, closer to a  year, and then to get a female that’s around 2 years old. She believed that this would be the best mix for our household.

new dog2

The facebook photo that stole our hearts

Well….the week before Martin Luther King Day, this little Lady came into our lives…My mom saw her on facebook, a friend of a friend of a friend of hers had found a stray dog in her neighborhood, and was unable to find her owner and was not able to keep her. Joey and I jumped at the thought of a free female golden retriever mix. I emailed the woman, and after begging her to take the dog to the vet to check for a microchip just in case(she wasn’t chipped), we went and picked her up that very night.

We brought her home and she and Chief hit it off immediately like old pals, and we held our breath that she was healthy. We got a clean bill of health from our vet the next day, and we got our little Lady vaccinated and brought her home with a huge sigh of relief.
Lady ArchOur vet thinks she’s about two years old, in great health, and has a great temperment. He wasn’t sure whether she was spayed or not, he didn’t feel a scar…we later learned that she wasn’t and had to rush her in for an emergency spay right before she went into heat.

You can see in this picture we already had her spayed. She's missing her belly fur so her nipples are extra visable... it's Lady "gone wild" up in here!

You can see in this picture we already had her spayed. She’s missing her belly fur so her nipples are extra visable… it’s Lady “gone wild” up in here!

But she’s absolutely been worth the trouble. She is much calmer than Chief, less impulsive, but frisky like a puppy. In fact, she runs laps around Chief, and he thinks she’s the best new toy mom and dad have ever brought him! They’re totally in love, and even though we’ve had a lot of battles for dominance, things are getting better every day, and we’re all learning pretty fast that Lady rules the roost!

Pardon the sand, the dogs are destroying our yard

Pardon the sand, the dogs are destroying our yard

1 thought on “A sister for Chief

  1. I’m a bit late, but welcome to Lady! I’m so glad she and Chief are good friends. And I feel your pain about the dog-destroyed yard. Ours is a big pile of dirt too.

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