Chief Update

I’m so behind on posting…about 6 months in fact…what was my last post? About getting Lady in January??? And it’s June now?? Sheesh. Well a lot has been happening so I’ll do my best to catch you up.

Around the end of February, we had a scare with our baby Chief, and learned that he had to have surgery for hip dysplasia. I had intended to document week by week his recovery, because there is very little on the web in terms of what to expect during the long recovery process. But I now know that there’s not much on the web because it’s a very long, demanding and heart wrenching time for not only the pup but the parents as well (perhaps even more so for the parents). It’s also very dull…and as much as you want someone to be able to give you tips and tricks on how to handle keeping a less than year old energetic puppy calm, there really is no good advice other than your life will mostly suck for 3 months.

30 day check up

30 day check up

I plan to do a whole post devoted to our experience with the surgery, and to document what led us there. But for now the good news, I took him in for his 12 week evaluation, and we got a big thumbs up from the surgeon! Our Chieffy has healed 100%!! And we are so relieved and excited to go home tonight and let Chief and Lady run and play outside! And they are more than ready too!
Chief and LadyMore updates will follow in the coming days…hopefully 🙂

1 thought on “Chief Update

  1. I’m so glad Chief is 100% healed now! I know he and Lady must be so happy to be frolicking together again. 🙂

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